Helmut Ditsch was born in 1962 in Buenos Aires/Argentina. In 1988 he moved to Austria, the country of his ancestors, to try to prove his talent as a painter at the traditional Academy of Fine Art in Vienna. After a big commission from the National Bank of Austria in 1997 he became in the following years the highlight for the important Austrian collectors.

He is very popular for his large-format nature paintings. By intensively observing nature, it is possible for him to find the right colours for his paintings, to create the exact colour-temperature of the intimate light to be able to reach not only a three-dimensual effect, but also to create an inner world which exceeds reality. The work of Helmut Ditsch is best understood under the category of Experienced Realism.

Since the sale of the painting “Das Meer II“ for US$ 865.000 in 2010 he has been considered the most expensive artist in Argentina.

2015 he became a professor at the Argentinian University UNSAM.

In June 2016 Helmut Ditsch began to use his creative talent in music and recorded his first album "Del Final de los Tiempos".



Helmut Ditsch / Vaduz - Liechtenstein / atelier@helmut-ditsch.com